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I’m a digital artist with a few years of experience. My passion is fashion photography,creativity,advertising,photo manipulation and digital art.
Currently I’m working on digital art with images i have taken as a photographer.

I love fashion and beauty photography and everything related with digital art. I am devoted to Photo shop and I try to improve my skills everyday

 Not yet professional... But up and coming photographer that has been trying to fine tune my artwork for last few years. I got into photography and using photo shop after having an injury
that put me out of work........ My Good friend Skin (Paul Nickson) helped me recover and guided me through the use of the computer and software as I had no idea what to do at first.

The driving forces beyond my change in life style was to be mobile again and find something that interested me and I intend to keep expanding my portfolio.

Through this site I would like to get more exposure, an ability to connect with  photographers alike. I’m still learning but I’m working  to get more Experience. 

I have shot weddings for Friends that were happy with my work

I'm Also computer consultant/Photographer and work all Over NZ..

I was a dairy farmer and milked cows around NZ..I Still live in the country and love that life style. At the moment i am moving all over the place and meeting allot of new people.. I'm Currently Looking for models for Gothic Punk Retro ETC or other exciting photographs


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